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International Heritage Advice

HHD&C have experience of working in many different countries and cultures around the world as part of archaeological research teams, undertaking survey and environmental impact assessment, and advising on historic monuments and conservation. Regions in which we have experience include South America, South Asia, Africa, Polynesia and Europe.


Commercial projects often need expert advice to help with meeting international standards on potential issues that might affect cultural heritage, such as preliminary data-gathering studies and impact assessment. Peer review of existing studies has been given for projects which face scrutiny and/or are controversial to ensure acceptable international standards and compliance with specific expectations of international funding agencies are achieved.


In addition the opportunities that are possible within many countries for enhancing the cultural tourism offer through appropriate presentation of their historic monuments can benefit from HHD&C's expert advice. This may include advice on potential assets, the best ways to present  heritage as a visitor attraction, appropriate conservation management and public engagement planning, and training opportunities for skills exchange.

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