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 Interior Design

drawing room before.jpg

Country House Style


This Edwardian drawing room benefits from lots of natural light and is a comfortable size. To give the room more architectural interest, we installed pillars either side of the bay window and, to add more elegance, a pair of matching crystal chandeliers to replace the pendant lights.  We used a Dulux Heritage paint called 'DH Straw' for the walls.

Antique and vintage furniture of different styles, textures and patterns were put together to create the Country House look, which imitates the evolving development of a room over time rather than a scheme which is all matching and of the same date. 


Many items were sourced on-line and in antique shops to achieve the look as economically as possible - including the vintage curtains and rugs. The inset shows how the room looked before its treatment.   


The colour scheme we used for the dining room consisted of deep red with creams and golds. We used a heritage colour on the walls called 'Burnt Cherry' by Little Green. The overall scheme is not  heavy or oppressive due to using the white of the ceiling above the picture rail and adding lighter curtains and other soft furnishings. Gold frames and crystal lighting look particularly good against strong colours and the room glows and sparkles with warmth in the evening when the family wants to entertain or dine more formally. 

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