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Concepts for Interior Design

Roman inspired Trattoria.jpg

A Roman Trattoria

This concept design was for a client who wanted an affordable and easily achievable decorating scheme based on Roman interior designs and colours. The client wanted plenty of red but also wanted plenty of light due to the fact that the shop frontage faced east and received no direct sunlight.


Our team recommended plain wooden furniture and wrought iron lighting to compliment the design.


A WWI Exhibition

A WWI display at Park Hall Countryside Experience near Oswestry required a complete revamp to help improve the visitor experience. Our  military history specialist researched and produced 10 interpretation panels and produced a 3D design concept to help the client visualise the layout.  


Advice was also given on the display cabinets, film and audio footage as well as advice on material for school and public talks, and suggestions for additional temporary boards which could change on a seasonal or date specific basis. 

Before and after views of the display can be seen by clicking here.


Interior Design Scheme for a Small House

This late 19th century terraced house had been neglected and needed extensive work. Our client wanted to retain the two small reception rooms on the ground floor, rather than knock them through, and wanted ideas on colour and furnishings.

Our interior design specialist recommended a combination of contemporary and traditional furnishings, feature fireplaces, luxury soft furnishings  and the occasional use of  'transparent'  furniture to give the illusion of space.

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