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Archaeological Evaluation

Archaeological Evaluation (or Site Investigation) is the process of physically searching for evidence of past human activity within a site, and assessing its importance (or heritage significance). This can include desk-based studies, aerial photography and LiDAR analysis, site walkovers, structured surveys including geophysical prospecting, or intrusive works such as trial trenching, test pits or geoarchaeological coring.

HHD&C have experience of designing appropriate investigations in support of client needs, and implementing them in a collaborative manner. It is important that the right kinds of techniques and sampling strategies are employed to answer the project-specific questions, and the knowledge and skills of staff at HHD&C ensures that a practical and pragmatic approach is followed, proportionate to the potential heritage significance and impacts of the scheme.

We work closely with the client and land-users, with other consultants, national agencies and planners, to maximise the results, understand the implications and minimise potential risks.

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